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Shout, Shine, Breathe, Look (2017)

A anthropomorphic multisensory sound art installation environmental sensors.

Conceived and executed as part of the dadageek class on audio DSP using Max. The installation was installed fo the spring 2017 dadageek showcase. Arduino programming by Alan Watts.

Project Description

An experiment in the use of environmental sensors as modes of user interaction. Used as a beta platform for development of the Arms of Doom apparatus and experience.


A distance sensor in one eye of the styrofoam heads provide vocalized feedback based on the change in distance between the user and the head. A light sensor in another eye reacts by modulating sounds generated by the piece. Sound pressure level sensors in the ears react to the loudness of environmental sounds by modulating other sounds. A humidity sensor on top of each head modulates sounds based on changes in relative humidity detected when breathed on by a user.


  • Arduino

  • temperature, sound, light, and ranging sensors

  • Styrofoam heads

  • Wood, flashlight, electronic components

  • Headphones

  • Max

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