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Bison Interactive (2018)

Bullock Texas State History Museum

Becoming Texas exhibition

Project Description

Created in collaboration with the Bullock Museum's curatorial and education staff as part of a renovation of the museum's first-floor experience, titled Becoming Texas. All design and development was managed in house except for outsourced illustration and animation services by Diana Marques.

The touchscreen-based interactive was designed to integrate with a 32'-long table with touchable American Indian cultural artifacts and materials.

Program goals included communication of the extensive and creative use of the bison by American Indians. The experience was gamified to encourage dwell time and attract a broad demographic.


User matches 12 American Indian cultural objects with the bison body part source across four "layers": Hide and hoof, muscle and fat, bone and horn, internal organs. Correct answers convey extra information and an animation demonstration production of the cultural object from the raw material. Incorrect answers reward with bonus information. Sound effects feed back a user's actions and progress through the experience.


  • Project lead

  • Interaction design

  • Graphic design

  • Sound design

  • User testing


  • Intuiface digital interaction design suite

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Ableton Live and various plug-ins

  • PC and touchscreen

  • Speakers


  • 2019 Texas Association of Museums TAMMIE Silver award

touch table.JPG
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