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McArdle Painting Comparison Interactive (2016)

Bullock Texas State History Museum

Project Description

Created in collaboration with the Bullock Museum's curatorial staff to feature visual and informational comparison between two painted renditions of the Battle of San Jacinto by famed Texas artist Henry McArdle.

The original version of the painting hung a few blocks away in the Texas State Capitol. The painting on loan to the museum came with restrictions prohibiting any image reproductions of the work of art thus creating a challenge for integrating the work into the interactive. An outline drawing of the restricted work solved the problem of restrictions on reproduction and encouraged users to look up at the monumental painting hung before them.

A touchscreen interactive was designed to allow visitors to compare similarities between the two paintings by selecting characters depicted in one or both canvases. Historical and biographical information was offered for each character along with compositional comparison between the two paintings.


  • Project lead

  • Interaction design

  • Graphic design

  • User testing


  • Intuiface digital interaction design suite

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • PC and Elo touchscreen

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