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The Artifactory: Soundscapes (2018)

Room Ambience

  • Audio atmospherics and sound install design: Neal Johnson

B.L.O.B.S. (Biometric Light-Operated Brain Scanner)

  • Audio atmospherics and sound install design: Neal Johnson

  • Programming. physical design, fabrication, install design and fabrication: Alan Watts (DataX)

Conceived and executed while a member of the Vision Gland experiential art collective. This project was financially supported by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division and Big Medium.

Project Description


An alien intelligence is collecting human artistic power for nefarious purposes. Will you acquiesce and contribute your aesthetic essence? Are you comfortable trading temporary public exposure and adulation in exchange for eventual, inevitable subjugation?

The Compositions

Room ambience and the B.L.O.B.S. soundscape were composed to establish and reinforce a visitor's evolving sense of comfort as they work their way through the Artifactory's series of experiences. What starts as welcoming, expected background sound slowly morphs to increasingly alienating effects and verbalizations.


  • Sparkfun WAV Trigger

  • Adafruit 20w amplifier

  • Transducers

  • Plywood

  • Ableton Live

photos by Alan Watts, Kami T. Wilt

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