Eyeball Arcade (v1 2016, v2 2019)

An up-cycled video arcade cabinet turned into an illuminated sound effect and performance instrument.

Conceived and executed in 2016 as a member of the Vision Gland immersive art experience collective. A completely refactored and rebuilt experience is scheduled to debut in 2019.

Project Description

The Vision Gland collective's inaugural immersive experience, The Vessel, offered an exploration of a crashed spaceship outfitted by aliens in a manner that humans would recognize. The maze-like 1,000 square-foot assemblage of rooms filled with random assortments of Earth's material culture, interactive installations, secret passageways, and unearthly soundscapes contained multiple opportunities for guest interaction.

The Eyeball Arcade was conceived as a message machine whereby aliens could communicate their message of peace and a desire for unity with the good people of Earth through multi-lingual phrases and strange sound effects.


The arcade cabinet offers eyeballs embedded in a latex skin. Pressing the eyeballs triggers audio files. Capable of polyphony, the eyeball interface is capable of being played rhythmically and an improvisational sound collage tool.


  • Up-cycled arcade cabinet

  • Audio trigger PCB

  • LEDs

  • Speakers

  • Latex, paint

  • Arcade buttons

  • Sound samples

Experimenting with latex, arcade buttons, and fake eyeballs